The Russians are Coming!

Konevets Quartet

Male vocal ensemble from St. Petersburg, Russia

                                                        Church music, Russian and Ukrainian                                                         Famous folk song and romances

                                              Wednesday, February 13, 2019                                             7:30 pm

                                                        El Sobrante United Methodist Church                                                                                                                        5151 Argyle Ave, El Sobrante, CA                                                                510.223.0790

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The Konevets Quartet is an all-male a cappella vocal quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia. Their program includes a mixture of Russian sacred, medieval, folk, and regimental music in the rich tradition of Russian choral music and the male chamber choir. Part of the Quartet’s revenue aids the continuous restoration of the Monastery of the Holy Nativity of the Mother of God, located 160 kilometers northeast of St. Petersburg, on Lake Ladoga. The monastery suffered catastrophic damage during the Soviet era.

ESUMC has hosted an annual concert by the Konevets Quartet for several years, and we continue to be blessed and enriched by sharing with our Russian friends.

For more information, contact Eileen Johnson, ESUMC Music Director, at or 510.223.0790