Facility Rental


As part of its commitment to service, El Sobrante United Methodist Church (ESUMC) seeks to provide the community with meeting and performance spaces. The rental costs and fees help ESUMC maintain its buildings and cover the overhead costs affiliated with its use.

  • To use the building for activities which are in accord with Christian principles
  • To give due consideration to the care and protection of the property
  • To make the building available for use of members and non-members
  • To have fees for usage for the building which are reasonable
  • To have the rental not directly interfere with the ability of ESUMC to carry on with normal activities.

Facility Available :

Keislar Hall/Kitchen

User fees:

  • Keislar Hall/Kitchen minimum rental (up to 6 hours) $ 550.00
  • Additional hours @ $100.00 per hour
  • Fireside Room: $100 (flat fee)
  • Cleaning/Damage deposit of $500.00

Deposit will be returned to renter if facilities are left in satisfactory condition (determined by ESUMC staff)

This schedule is based on one-time use for a banquet/reception. If you have other needs, please contact the church office.

Equipment Available:

  • Eight (8) round tables
  • Eighteen (18) rectangle tables
  • One hundred and nineteen (119) dining
  • Two hundred and seventy (270) assembly
  • Ninety six (96) green chairs
  • One (1) Coffee Urn 60 cup capacity
  • One (1) 12 cup Coffee maker
  • One (1) Home size Refrigerator
  • One (1) Podium


ESUMC events take precedence.

Reservations must include times needed for set-up and break-down. All bookings and arrangements must be made through event coordinator at least (2) two weeks prior to the event.

Groups must have a payment agreement with the office and make payments on dates agreed by both parties.

Users Responsibilities:

Appoint a single representative to communicate with our Event Host or scheduling staff. Clean area after event. Leave set-up as you found it or as directed by staff. Dispose of garbage in waste receptacles and recycle bins. A cleaning/damage fee will be charged if facility is not left in satisfactory condition. Pets, Alcohol, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Illegal drugs, Bubbles or Bubble Machines, Smoke Machines, Confetti, Rice or Bird seed are not permitted on Church Property.  Only flameless candles are allowed. Follow fire codes and ordinances.

Loss or damage to church property will be the responsibility of the renter.

Church Property:

Church furniture should not be used for anything besides its intended use.

Personal Property:

ESUMC is not responsible for the loss of personal property due to fire, theft, abuse, misuse or acts of God. Please do not leave valuables unsecured or unattended.

Kitchen use:

All food currently in the kitchen is NOT to be used by outside group. All food for the event must be brought in by your group and must be removed at the end of your event. Kitchen must be cleaned and returned to the original condition. Garbage and recycle must be properly disposed of. All items used in food prep must be cleaned and returned to the original location.

Using the griddle requires a special clean-up. Here’s how:¬†How To Clean a Commercial Griddle.

If you would like to rent out our facilities, please contact us.